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The Loire Valley in France – Food, Wine & Amazing Chateaux

Cycling tour Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is possibly one of France’s most popular tourist regions, and for good reason. Loire is relatively close to Paris and easy to get to, has incredible scenery and wonderful historic and cultural sites to visit, not least of which are the famous chateaux that line the fast flowing rivers.

Cycling in Loire

Cycling in the Loire Valley is increasingly popular.  There are terrific cycling trails that largely follow the Loire and Cher rivers, and cycle right past the most famous chateaux of the region.  As a bonus, the terrain is relatively flat along the river banks and at the end of a great day’s cycling, making the region accessible to even novice cyclists.  To top it off, if on a multi day ride, the accommodation choices are plenty and range from modern to classic chateaux and oh so typically French.

Cycling in Loire Valley France

Cycling Loire Chateaux France
Cycling tour Loire Valley
cycling the Loire Valley
Cycling tour Loire Valley
cycling in loire valley france
Cycling the Loire River
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Food & Wine of the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is also well known, even within France,  for it’s food and equally its’ wine.  The region enjoys a climate and landscape that provide rich soils for produce and ideal terroir for vineyards.  In particular in the sub regions of Touraine and Berry the gastronomy is world famous, with specialties including andouillettes (sausage), Orléans poultry, game, freshwater fish from the Loire and lentils from Berry.  And it would be remiss to not mention the cheese: crottin de Chavignol, chevre and Valençay pyramide to name a few.

Last but absolutely not least are the wines of the Loire region. Varieties such as Sancerre, Vouvray, Cheverny are just some of the wide variety of wines from the region.  Wonderful cellar doors, centuries of wine making, beautiful rolling vineyards dotted with amazing chateaux, it’s any wonder the Loire region is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in France.

Loire Valley Food & Wine

Food of the Loire Valley
Loire Valley France Cheeses
Loire Valley Wine Map
Typical Loire Food
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Chateaux of Loire

In November 2000 UNESCO added a stretch of the Loire River and the Chateau de Chambord and Anjou-Tourane to the list of world heritage sites. View our pictorial blog post on the amazing chateaux that line the Loire rivers.

Check Tour de Vine’s incredible cycling tours in France for a great way to see the Loire Valley and many other regions in France.

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