Cycling Tours Asia

Cycling Tours in Asia are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason.  Whilst many Asia countries have used the bike as a core means of transport, it's only recently that active cycling tourism has started across many of these Asian countries.

Cycling in Asia is an incredible experience.  The sights, the sounds, the busy daily life of many Asian towns and cities, and the rural villages with adoring children giving you high fives as you ride past, are just a few of the highlights.  Our cycling tours tend to focus more on experiencing the local way of life, getting off the beaten track to discover real food and cultural experiences.   Many of our itineraries will include cooking classes, or private guiding in more significant tourism sites (for example we do an amazing locally guided cycling tour of the vast Angkor Wat complex in Siam Reap on our Cambodian tour).

Cycling Tours in Asia

Tour de Vines is growing our list of cycling itineraries that are unique, fun and developed for recreational cyclists.  All our cycling tours in Asia are fully guided with local guides, and fully supported with a minibus never far away.  We have specifically timed the departure dates for each tour to avoid the real heat of summer and the wet of monsoon in each of the regions we travel.

We won't hide the fact however, that any cycling tour in Asia may encounter warm conditions, or rain, or a dusty path, or a flooded river that needs to be crossed on boat.  These bike tours are a touch more adventurous than say some of our France cycling tours, but that's the beauty of them.  You get to experience some adventure, the real culture and behind the scenes access to locals, whilst in the safety of a fully guided and supported group.  When are you joining us?

Upcoming Cycling Tours in Asia