Meet Our Bikes

On any of our cycling tours you have the option to BYO your loved one (bike that is,) or hire from our extensive fleet.

Tour de Vines' owns and maintains our own bike fleet in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and some of our New Zealand trips.  The majority of our bike fleet are purchased new from Trek bikes, considered one of the world's leading bike brands.  For other regions which include cycling tours in NSW and Queensland and Asia and Europe, we work with the best local outlets to partner with.   For larger groups and tailored cycling tours we may use a mix of our own fleet and our partners' fleet of bikes.

Any bike hired from us for any of our cycling tours - both guided and self guided - comes with a Repair and/or Replace Guarantee.  If you have any major issues with your bike whilst on tour we will simply replace the bike so your holiday isn't interrupted.

Please note if you have a particular requirement for a particular style of bike (eg step through) on any of our tours please ensure you specifically request this during your booking.

Hybrid Bikes

Tour de Vines uses hybrid bikes on the majority of our cycling tours.

Why?  Because hybrid bikes are the ultimate combination of easy cycling, upright position, and performance.

Bikes are serviced and cleaned after every cycling tour and the fleet is updated with new bikes every 12 months.

Tour De Vines Bikes Trek Fx Bike
Tour de Vines uses hybrid bikes on cycling tours

The predominant bike in the Tour de Vines' fleet is the Trek FX model (see pic, click link for detailed specs).  Super easy and fun to ride, lightweight with easy to use gears.

All of our Trek bikes are fitted with:

  1. Water bottle holder
  2. Adjustable set clamp* so you can adjust the seat height as you like it
  3. Rear racks for carrying any extras
  4. Small pannier bag for carrying incidentals (no sweaty back!)

*The standard seat on the Trek FX is on the firm side, so if seating is important to you we recommend BYO a gel cover or we can fit your own bike seat if preferred.


E-bikes are changing the face of cycling.  But what do we mean when we refer to an "e-bike"?

When using the term e-bike, we refer to a bike that still requires pedalling, but it has a battery fitted that powers a small motor.  The motor is either in the wheel hub or in the crank (between the pedals) depending on the bike model.   This is called "pedal assist".  You can adjust this 'boost' depending on your cycling ability, how far you want to ride or if you're going uphill, flat or downhill.   You are 100% required to pedal, so you are still getting all the great benefits of exercise and movement, just not feeling like you have run a marathon.   The battery is rechargeable.

Everything else about an e-bike is the same as a regular bike.  Brakes, pedals, gears and wheels!

If you're even the slightest bit concerned about the cycling or keeping up with your friends or group members on any of our cycling tours then we thoroughly recommend taking one of our e-bikes for a spin.  You won't look back.

Tour de Vines E-bikes
Our E-bikes are perfect for those wanting a little less effort
Ebikes for cycling tours in Australia
The new Trek FX+ Ebike is being introduced to our cycling tours in Australia

The predominant e-bike used for Tour de Vines' cycling tours is the Velectrix Urban E-bike.

We use this e-bike for a number of reasons:

  1. Velectrix is an Australian business and Tour de Vines' prefer to support local businesses.
  2. The Urban e-bike is a simple, easy to use e-bike that any rider can use almost immediately without any training or user manuals (this isn't true of all e-bikes).
  3. Velectrix Urban bikes are super comfortable, have a nice upright position and soft, comfy seats.

We are excited to introduce into our fleet the new Trek FX+ E-bike (link to Trek website for detailed specs).  Isn't she gorgeous!  Easy and comfortable to ride, with integrated lights, kickstand, water mudguards and rear racks, quick adjustable seat height and water bottle holders are also fitted.  Available in both step through and cross bar styles.

These E-bikes have a range of around 65kms so are ideal for our tours, and can fully recharge in about 4 hours.

For the tech amongst us, the FX+ has 250W nominal rating, 358W peak, 40Nm torque.

*please note this model is in very limited numbers and sizes initially in Victoria only but will be introduced to our fleet over time.

Other Bikes

Tour de Vines also has a small range of mountain bikes, kids bikes and road bikes as well as toddler seats.

For gravel surfaces such as the Great Victorian Rail Trail or the Riesling Rail Trail in South Australia we supply hard tail mountain bikes with front suspension and a thicker tyre (700 x 40).  An example would be the Trek Dual Sport (link for detailed specs).

If you require a particular bike, or want to bring a particular bike on one of our cycling tours, let us know and chances are we can assist.

Tour De Vines Bikes Giant Roam 3 Color A Black
Other bikes include MTB, Road & Kids bikes

For every cycling tour, both guided and self guided, all bikes are fitted with:

  1. Water bottle holder (we also supply an environmentally friendly water bottle on our multi-day tours)
  2. Adjustable set clamp so you can raise or lower the seat as desired
  3. Rear racks handy for carrying bags or other items.
  4. Every bike comes with a small pannier bag for carrying incidentals (no sweaty back!)

Bikes are serviced and cleaned after every cycling tour and the fleet is updated with new bikes every 12 months.