Cycle the Danube

One of Europe's Great Cycling Experiences

Embark on this unforgettable cycling tour along the majestic Danube River, weaving through the heart of Europe's enchanting landscapes from Vienna, Austria, through to Budapest, Hungary. Our newest cycling tour is an immersive journey, blending the joy of riverside path cycling, gourmet experiences, stories from the past with the richness of the deep cultures of this region. We begin our adventure in Vienna, where the city's imperial architecture sets the stage for an awe-inspiring ride. Pedal through cobblestone streets lined with palaces, witness the grandeur of the Schönbrunn Palace, and marvel at the iconic St. Stephen's Cathedral. As we follow the river's gentle curves, history unfolds before our eyes, revealing tales of empires and revolutions that have shaped this remarkable region.

Discover the Danube's tranquil beauty, reflecting the historic cities it embraces.  Pause in charming towns like Dürnstein, where medieval charm meets the vibrant hues of vineyards. Explore Melk's stunning Benedictine Abbey, a testament to Baroque opulence perched atop a hill overlooking the river. Indulge your palate in local delicacies, from savory schnitzels in Vienna to the exquisite goulash of Budapest.

As we pedal through the Wachau Valley, renowned for its vineyards and apricot orchards, we take time to savor the finest wines from this picturesque region. The Danube's flow mirrors the passage of time, and each turn reveals a new chapter in the tapestry of Central European culture.  Immerse yourself in the rhythm of this remarkable journey, where each pedal stroke is a step into the past, and each charming town along the Danube adds another layer to your travel narrative.

Join us on this cycling exploration, where history, architecture, gastronomy, and the breathtaking beauty of the Danube converge to create an experience that will linger in your memory long after your wheels have stopped turning.

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