New Zealand

As a travel destination, like their rugby team, New Zealand sure is hard to beat.  One of the best ways to experience real New Zealand is on a cycling tour.  Our cycling tours in New Zealand let you meet the locals, feel the clear fresh air and sunlight on your face, earn a taste of the world class wines and enjoy the ‘takaro’ (fun) spirit of New Zealand.

Our cycling tours in New Zealand are fun and relatively easy. Yes there are lots (and big) mountains in NZ, but we avoid riding up or down those.  Our cycling itineraries focus firstly on wine regions, and secondly in areas that are relatively easy to cycle, preferably using the wonderful network of cycling trails that are off road and safe.  And finally it helps if the region is within easy reach of a major city to enable simple travel arrangements.

Cycling Tours in New Zealand

Cycling Tours New Zealand North Island

We love Hawkes Bay for it's world class wine, well developed off road cycling trails, beautiful scenery and the fact that it's a little less "busy" than some of its' more famous cousins (eg Queenstown).  That's why we have a cycling tour in Hawkes Bay and it's a beauty!

Cycling Tours New Zealand South Island

You can now join our exclusive small group fully guided tour on the fantastic Great Taste Trail on the northern tip of the south island, via Nelson.   Stay tuned for further details of new and upcoming tours on the south island.   Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out.

Tour de Vines is also able to offer private and custom cycling tours in New Zealand so if you have a group or are looking for a particularly itinerary, contact us and we can of course arrange it all for you.

Self-Guided Cycling Tours in New Zealand

Small Group Cycling Tours in New Zealand