Our Story

The Tour de Vines story is unique in that our cycling tours weren't developed with a business in mind.  That might sound unusual, but our founder Damian Cerini, started running cycling tours in North East Victoria in the early 2000's on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail as a hobby for friends to enjoy a weekend away together.   Those friends told their friends what a great getaway it was, and the emails and calls kept coming, requesting another cycling tour.  And then another tour...and so on.  So it's a pretty organic story if you like.

In 2012 Tour de Vines became a full time business and welcomed over 300 riders in North East Victoria alone in the first 12 months.  Tour de Vines has expanded rapidly since then and continues to do so, now hosting over 2,000 guests each year and offering cycling holidays and bike tours across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe

The Early Years

Tour de Vines 1st cycling tour

Tour de Vines first cycling tour was a weekend ride from Beechworth to Bright on the amazing Murray to Mountains Rail Trail in 2005.   And what a trip!

We all had such a great time that we all wanted to do it again.  And we did, the following year.   And it has become our mantra that we want each and every guest to return for another trip with us again.

Our founder, Damian Cerini pictured here, was working full time in travel, but the seed was sown that this hobby business could become something.  And it has.


Murray to Mountains Rail Trail tour

Tour de Vines is a rapidly growing cycling tour operation.  The head office is in Melbourne with operational bases in north east Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and more to come!

There is a growing team that puts all the tour elements together in our head office.  And of course the legends that run your tours in each of the regions we travel.  Find out more about Our Team.

Whilst we have grown, our Values have remained the same.  We work very hard to ensure every single guest has an amazing holiday experience with us, and that each trip has our personal touch.