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Our Story

Our Story

If you’re looking for a unique cycling tour, in an amazing location, that includes local and passionate food and wine experiences, Tour de Vines is the right place.  Tour de Vines cycling tours are all of the above, and we love to have fun too!

Check out just a few of our past customer testimonials or our very public Trip Advisor reviews, or perhaps what the media think of our tours.   We aim to make your getaway or cycling escape not only brilliant, fun and amazing, but easy for you. We make all the arrangements which is great if you have a group, making your plans and preparations stress free.

How Did Tour de Vines Start?

Tour de Vines Founder Damian CeriniThe Tour de Vines story is unique in that our cycling tours weren’t developed with a business in mind.  That might sound unusual, but our founder Damian Cerini started running cycling tours in North East Victoria in the early 2000’s on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail as a hobby for friends to enjoy a weekend away together.   Those friends told their friends what a great getaway it was, and the emails and calls kept coming, requesting another cycling tour.  And then another tour…and so on.  So it’s a pretty organic story if you like.

In 2012 Tour de Vines became a full time business and carried over 300 riders in North East Victoria alone in the first 12 months.  Tour de Vines has expanded rapidly and continues to do so, now carrying over 1,000 guests each year and offering cycling tours across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, France & Italy, with further plans for cycling tours in Croatia, America and South America, South Africa and many other amazing places.  Where in the world would you like to travel? We’d love to know.

We have recently been awarded Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor in 2015, 2016 & 2017, 2018 & 2019 and are a Hall of Fame inductee, due to great reviews from our guests, which we are very, very proud of.

Cycling tour Tour de Vines Certificate of Excellence

cycling tour trip advisor certificate of excellence for tour de vinesTripAdvisor Cert of Excellence 2018Tour de Vines Certificate of Excellence 2019

Tour de Vines Mission Statement

  • Providing our guests amazing & memorable travel getaways, offering both short weekends away and long overseas trips
  • To provide our guests unique & brilliant food & wine experiences, all included in the tour
  • To get our guests moving – yes literally, mainly using cycling – to enjoy the scenery and get up close to the people and the area we travel in
  • Travel lightly, give kindly, be respectful, have fun


World bicycle reliefTour de Vines is proud to be a supporter of World Bicycle Relief, an organization mobilising less fortunate communities through The Power of Bicycles.   We would love your support for this very worthwhile cause that changes lives.




We’d love to look after you on your next travel escape so contact us in any of the following ways:
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