Australia’s Best Cellar Doors

Another year, and the results are in, the latest edition of Gourmet Wine Traveller names Australia’s Best Cellar Doors.  Our cycling tours are heavily influenced by where the best wine regions and cellar doors are, so it’s great to get confirmation – or otherwise –  of our selections.

Last year – see our blog post on the 2013 results – our tours visited many of the best cellar doors, and so it is again in 2014, with many of the wineries maintaining their ‘best’ status, but there are a few new entrants.

Here’s the list of Australia’s best cellar doors as judged by Gourmet Wine Traveller for the wine regions we travel to on our cycling tours.

Cellar Doors in Victoria

Alpine Valley
  • Star Cellar Door and Cellar Door with Best Food: Boynton’s Feathertop Winery**
  • Best Large Cellar Door: Gapsted Wines**
  • Best Small Cellar Door: Mayford Wines
  • Best Tasting Experince: Ceccanti Kiewa Valley Wines
  • Best Large Cellar Door and Best Additional Experience: Indigo
  • Best Small Cellar Door: Golden Ball
  • Cellar Door with Best  Food: Amulet Vineyard
  • Best Tasting Experience: Pennyweight Winery**

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Nagambie Lakes
  • Star Cellar Door & Best Additional Experience (cellars and wetlands): Tahbilk**
  • Best Large Cellar Door & Cellar Door With Best Food: Mitchelton**
  • Best Small Cellar Door: David Traeger Wines

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Cellar Doors in South Australia

Clare Valley
  • Star Cellar Door: Knappstein Wines**
  • Best Large Cellar Door: Taylors
  • Best Small Cellar Door: Pauletts
  • Cellar Door with Best Food: Skillogalee**
  • Best Tasting Experience: Grosset
  • Best Additional Experience (small, quirky cellar door): Shut the Gate

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McLaren Vale
  • Best Large Cellar Door: Hardy’s Tintara**
  • Best Small Cellar Door: Alpha Box & Dice
  • Cellar Door with Best Food: D’Arenberg**
  • Best Tasting Experience: Corrole**
  • Best Additional Experience (art gallery): Chapel Hill

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Cellar Doors in New South Wales

  • Star Cellar Door: Lowe Wines
  • Best Large Cellar Door: Robert Oatley Vineyards**
  • Best Small Cellar Door: Robert Stein Vineyard**
  • Cellar Door with Best Food: Di Lusso Estate**
  • Best Tasting Experience: Logan Wines
  • Best Additional Experience (cellar door, cheese factory, cafe): High Valley Wine & Cheese Co

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