Cycling Holidays: The New Black

Cycling Holidays: 5 Reasons for Their Popularity

There’s no doubt that there has been an explosion in the popularity of cycling holidays.  But why?  What has caused travellers to now want to experience a destination whilst cycling?  Here’s our take on why cycling holidays have become the new black.


1. Single Travellers

The growth in single travellers has also led to the growth of small group and guided style holidays, including cycling holidays.  Many cycle tours are run in small groups with a guide, and for single travellers this is a great way to travel.  Cycling tours are also a great way to meet people and make new friends, without having to sit on a bus for 14 days.

2. Active Baby Boomers

The growing baby boomer travelling brigade are active, and are beginning to shy away from the more traditional forms of travel, such as coach tours.  Whilst river cruising is also growing rapidly, even these tours have provision for bikes and other activities, recognising their mainly mature customers want to be active when travelling.

3. Immersive Travel

Another trend sweeping the travel industry is the concept of immersive travel.  That is, travel styles that enable customers to get up close and personal with local people, local cultures and local scenery.  Cycling holidays certainly enable this, being an ideal way to cover some distance but also the freedom to stop, chat, grab a coffee and meet locals you wouldn’t normally have access to and in places rarely visited by tourists.

4. It’s The Environment!

We are all a little bit more conscious of the world around us nowadays, and modes of transport are changing.  Cycling is a rapidly growing method of work commuting and local transport, and this has translated into cycling holidays.  If you ride to work most days, it makes sense you would enjoy a cycling holiday.

5. Oh What a Feeling

There is something about a bit of exercise that makes you feel great.  Endorphins or something?  Combined with the normally warm and sunny weather (most tours are run in warmer seasons), the outdoors, and throw in some local cuisine and some vino, who wouldn’t be happy!  Cycling holidays have all these included in spades and the end result is customers that feel great.

And as many a great scholar has quoted: “We don’t remember days, we remember moments”.  
Cesare Pavese (1909-1950) Italian poet, novelist.