High Country Rail Trail Open

The long awaited opening of the High Country Rail Trail in Victoria has finally arrived with the completion of the Sandy Creek bridge.   Started in 2006, completion of the rail trail was significantly delayed as the bridge construction was planned on the basis of the Hume being dry, but with recent rains this plan needed to change.  Ground breaking construction methods were needed, including floating the bridge into place, to accommodate the new water filled Hume.

Riders can now complete the 40km trail along undulating gravel starting at Wodonga and finishing at Old Tallangatta.  There are further plans for extensions at both end of the rail trail, subject to additional government funding.

The High Country Rail Trail is a growing network of rail trails throughout Australia as the movement to convert old railway tracks into cycling trails gains momentum.  Rail trails are seen by many as tourist magnets and they certainly have that potential.  The Murray to Mountains Rail Trail in North East Victoria is the shining beacon in that regard.  But redeveloped rail trails are also great for local communities who push for more available outdoor activities.

More info about this rail trail can be found on the Rail Trails Australia website