5 Reasons to do a Cycling Tour

For many, a cycling tour conjures up thoughts of cycling all day on a road bike, wearing lycra and sweating profusely. This can be intimidating for many, even those interested in cycling more often.   But cycling tours aren’t all like that – note: some are – so if you’re a social cyclist, occasional rider or even a straight out beginner, here are 5 reasons you absolutely should consider doing a cycling tour.

  1. Not all cycling tours are for avid riders. 

    In fact the variation is huge.  Some are designed for strong riders and it’s all about the riding, covering up to – and sometimes more than – 100kms per day.  Other cycling tours have itineraries where cycling is in fact incidental to the main tour element (bus/coach/barge/boat).  You can still do a cycling tour as long as you read the itinerary, look for the kilometers each day and any hill gradients, and ensure you pick the right tour for you.  Having said that, most tours have support vehicles, so even if you can’t ride any further, you won’t be on your own.

  2. As a form of exercise, cycling is hard to beat.

    It’s pilates on wheels with a high heart rate.  Contrast to running, it is very low impact on joints and limbs and this is paramount for those with injuries or those wanting to exercise outdoors with minimal shock and pounding.  The gentle circular movement of riding stimulates blood flow and the upright sitting action is fantastic for core muscles and stabilisers.   Increased heart rate has obvious benefits not to mention burning all those calories.  Enjoy the chocolate cake because riding your bike is going to burn it off.  A cycling tour puts you on your bike, gets you cycling, and provides a great trip away.  It has also been shown that cycling has significant positive psychological benefits as well.  you can read more about the real benefits of cycling from Better Health. Benefits of a cycling tour

  3. A cycling tour is a great way to really experience a destination up close. 

    Be it a city, town, region or country side, there is no better way to see a place than on a bike.  Free from stressful traffic and driving, much easier to park right out the front of that lovely cafe, and you don’t have to sit next to someone nor listen to a noisy bus guide!  Cycling tours are designed to show you the best of a destination, and are often run by locals who know the area they operate in much better than you, so you benefit from their experience.

  4. A group cycling tour is a brilliant way to meet new friends. 

    There is something bonding about sharing time on a bike (not sharing a bike!), and the experiences of a cycling tour, and group and guided tours are just a fantastic way to meet new people in a relaxed environment.Group cycling tour in France

  5. Cycling tours take the stress out of travel. 

    No buses to catch. No schedules to arrange.  Your bags are collected, your accommodation is booked, breakfast is sorted, your bikes are ready, just arrive and enjoy the cycling tour, and all the benefits are yours.

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