Wine, Cycle, Dine – a Gourmet Delight

“Like Cycling in Europe”

The autumnal leaves in swaths of red, yellow and burnt orange littered the ground, somewhat akin to autumn in Europe, for me a reminder of Austria and my first trip to Europe so many years ago.  Yet, we were in our own backyard, the Alpine region of Victoria, cycling in the pristine countryside between Beechworth and Bright.   

If you are having visions of lycra clad shaven legged lythe-limbed and serious speedsters on the latest graphite two wheeled machines, then you are wildly mistaken.  This trip did involve effort, one does have to peddle when one is on a cycling tour, but only to gain downward momentum toward the next picturesque vineyard drenched in autumn sunlight. 

My compatriates expected a sandwich or two propped inconspicuously on the edge of the of oh so posh “real” diners and wine buffs, but no, not good enough for the Tour De Vines group.  Out came gourmet platters of the the most devine chesses, fruits, pate, freshly baked bread and prosciutto… at every vineyard.   At one, even a smoked whole trout caught that morning and delicately dissected and served by our own beloved leader… Damian, owner and head guide of Tour De Vines.

Wine Tasting and Cycling?

Did somebody say wine tasting?  Oh no, don’t bother to get up, Tour de Vines has arranged for the wine consultants to come to us, what more could one ask.

By the end of day two, fully satiated and having slightly overindulged at the Berry and Pumpkin Seed farms (you must try the dark choccie pumpkin seeds), I had purchased 15 bottles of the local grape produce, made a bunch of new friends, and cycled around 75 kilometres without really realising it! 

Tour De Vines Mudgee here we come!

*Kirsty travelled on the ‘Tour de Murray to Mountains Rail Trail‘ in April 2013