Top 5 Reasons to Cycle and Sail in Croatia

We are super excited to be offering 2 Cycle and Sail itineraries in Croatia.  

Why do we think a cycle and sail itinerary is the best option for a cycling tour in Croatia?  Here are the Top 5 reasons:

Reason 1 to Cycle and Sail in Croatia: Get to the Islands! 

Honestly, this on its own would probably be enough.  The Jewel in the Crown, the Piece de Resistance, The Masterpiece…call it what you will…the best of Croatia are the Dalmatian Islands, and particularly the southern Dalmatian Islands.  They are quite simply, spectacular.  And the best way to get to them (well the only way) is by boat.
Cycle and sail in Croatia

Reason 2: No Daily Bag Packing

Yes that’s a marketing line from the big cruise lines, but it is true regardless of the vessel you are on.  These are small ships and you have a spacious, air conditioned, private ensuite cabin (we aren’t ocean liner fans FYI) and are really comfortable.  We’re not big fans of being cooped up on a boat for 7 nights either but these ships are quality, airy, well equiped and great fun.  And you don’t have to pack, or unpack daily. Life becomes more relaxed.

Reason 3 to Cycle and Sail in Croatia: Direct Access to the Ocean

Wake in the morning, have a coffee served to your room, grab the swim suit and walk about 3 meters to the swim bay at the rear of your ship.  Jump in.  Ahhhhh….everything is good.   Repeat for 7 mornings and the result is a new you!
Premium sailing ship in Croatia on cycle and sail tour

Reason 4: Escape the Crowds

This is the real kicker on these itineraries and one of the main reasons we choose to ship and cycle, as opposed to land only.  Croatia is one of the hottest destinations in Europe if not globally, right now and the major sites are verging on overcrowding (in fact they are when 3 or 4 large cruise ships dock all at once in the major cities of Split or Dubrovnik).  These tours escape that madness.

Dalmatia island cycling tour Croatia

Reason 5: Genuine Cultural experiences

The outer islands are less crowded, with fewer tourists, and so exposure to the real Croatian culture is easier.  Traditional way of life still remains on many of the Dalmatian Islands so there is a real sense of historic Croatia and a way of life fast slipping away to modernisation.

Split Market Dalmatia island cycling tour

BONUS Reason 6 to Cycle and Sail in Croatia: The Scenery

This is probably one of the biggest reasons to visit Croatia full stop.  Both the islands and the mainland offer scenery that is quite simply, stunning.   From medieval style old villages, to the incredible turquoise blue water or the mountainous islands in the distance as you sail from port to port, Croatia is one live postcard everyday.  

island cycling tour in croatia

Check out the new cycle and sail itineraries for Croatia here or call us on 1300 665 330 for more info.