Beyond the Leaning Tower: Unique Stops on a Tuscany Cycling Tour

Beyond the Leaning Tower: Unique Stops on a Tuscany Cycling Tour

Embarking on a cycling tour through Tuscany is not just a ride; it's an odyssey, a journey through time and terrain that reveals the region's hidden treasures. While the Leaning Tower of Pisa might be the initial draw, the real magic unfolds when you pedal off the beaten path.

Stop 1: Florence - The Renaissance Gateway

Begin your cycling adventure in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. The city's cobblestone streets and historic architecture set the stage for an immersive experience. After exploring iconic landmarks like the Florence Cathedral and Ponte Vecchio, hop on your bike and venture into the Tuscan countryside.

Stop 2: Montecatini Terme - Spa Town Bliss

As you pedal towards Montecatini Terme, the landscape transforms into rolling hills and picturesque vineyards. This charming spa town offers a serene retreat, inviting cyclists to explore its thermal springs and elegant avenues. Pause for a moment of tranquility, savoring the blend of relaxation and adventure.

montecatini terme on a cycling tour of tuscany

Stop 3: Lucca - A Walled Wonder

As you continue towards Lucca, with its intact Renaissance walls, the landscape transforms into rolling hills and picturesque vineyards. This charming city invites cyclists to meander through its narrow streets and bustling piazzas. Dive into local life, discovering hidden gems like the Guinigi Tower and Piazza dell'Anfiteatro.

Cycling along Lucca's City Walls: A Delightful Exploration

One of the most enchanting experiences of our Tuscany cycling tour is pedaling atop the Renaissance walls of Lucca. As you navigate the tree-lined path, the city unfolds beneath you, revealing its timeless beauty. Along the way, you'll encounter charming cafes, lively piazzas, and panoramic vistas that showcase Lucca's unique blend of history and vitality. The gentle breeze and the hum of the city accompany you on this elevated journey, making it a delightful and memorable part of the cycling tour through Tuscany.

piazza dell'anfiteatro on a cycling tour of tuscany italy

Stop 4: Olive Groves and Wineries

Cycling the back roads of Tuscany introduces you to the region's soul – the sprawling olive groves and sun-kissed vineyards that produce some of the world's finest olive oil and wine. Make a pit stop at local olive oil farms, where passionate producers unveil the secrets behind Tuscany's liquid gold. Visit wineries, where the velvety Chianti and robust Brunello di Montalcino await your palate.

Tuscan scenery on a cycling tour in Italy

Stop 5: Pisa - Beyond the Leaning Tower

Arriving in Pisa, the iconic Leaning Tower is just the beginning. Pisa is the birthplace of the important early physicist Galileo Galilei.  The city acquired a mainly cultural role via the presence of the University of Pisa, which was created in 1343.

Cycle through the historic Square of Miracles, where the Baptistery and Cathedral add to the architectural marvels. Then, pedal along the Arno River, uncovering Pisa's vibrant local scene and delightful eateries tucked away from the tourist path.

Pisa on a tuscany cycling tour

Special Mention: Devil's Bridge

The Magdalene Bridge, more commonly known as the "Devil's Bridge", is one of the most original constructions in all of Tuscany.  Located in Borgo a Mozzano and makes for a wonderful stop on a cycling tour in Tuscany.

According to legend, the bridge was built by St. Julian who was unable to complete the construction for unknown reasons (probably finance).  Being deeply religious, during his prayers he asked the Devil for help, promising him in the soul of the first living being to cross it in return. The bridge was amazingly eventually finished, and being a man of his word St Julian needed to produce a soul for the Devil.  So St. Julian threw a piece of flatbread over it, attracting a dog before any people could get across, and thus delivering a soul to Satan.

devils bridge on a cycling tour in tuscany italy

Don't Miss: Local Eateries

Tuscany's culinary landscape is as diverse as its topography. As you cycle through charming villages, indulge in local eateries offering a true taste of Tuscan cuisine. From hearty ribollita soup to pappa al pomodoro, each bite tells a story of tradition and flavor.

Any stop along a cycling tour in Tuscany will uncover new local versions of traditional culinary delights, and each village and town within Tuscany has its' own special dish.  Experiment and savour the variety!

In the end, a cycling tour through Tuscany transcends the ordinary. It's not just about the destinations but the journey itself – the rhythm of your pedal strokes, the laughter shared with newfound friends, and the myriad discoveries along the way.

So, saddle up and immerse yourself in the charm of Tuscany, where every turn is a new adventure, and every village tells a tale.

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