Wine with Christmas Lunch – What Works Best?

We can’t wait for our big Christmas lunch, with all the traditional favs of turkey, ham, chicken and roast vegies.  In our family, we normally save the seafood for the evening and have it with salad, a lighter meal perfect after the gorging at lunch.

Of course, we like to have a wine with our meals over Xmas, but every year we have the family debate about what wine to have on Christmas day.  Account also needs to be taken for the weather, we have had some hot Xmas days in the past, and cool as well, and this can influence drink preference. So here at Tour de Vines we have done a little research, and here is out take on what wines match the traditional Xmas meals best.

Wine with Christmas Turkey

In many homes, this is the cornerstone of Xmas lunch. So it’s important to have at least one wine that will go well with turkey, which is essentially a white meat (although if you go wild turkey can be somewhat darker).
Red: Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Gamay
White/Chilled: Rose, Sparkling Red (chilled great on a warm day)

Wine with the Ham

Wine with Christmas ham

Also a perennial favourite at most Xmas tables, and for the younger family members often the favourite. Ham seems to taste even better the day after with some salad or in a sandwich, which is why having wine matched to ham is never a waste!  Here’s our picks, or try an American Zinfadel

Red: Again look for the lighter style reds such as Pinot Noir, or Italian styles Nebbiolo (bit full bodied if you prefer that) & Lambrusco, or French (Loire) Cabernet Franc or Grenache
White/chilled: Rose works very well with ham as well but also French styes of Marsanne & Viognier.

Wine for the Chicken

If you are serving chicken on Xmas day, think Chardonnay! That is all.
PS and get a good one, it’s Xmas after all.

Wine for Christmas Seafood

With any seafood, we start to lean heavily towards the white varieties.  If you are a red lover and must have red wine with seafood, look for the lighter styles such as a Rose and Pinot Noir.  There’s quite a good list of wines that go well with seafood, with a tendency to lighter, crispy dry whites.
Red: Rose or pinot noir, gamay.
White/chilled: Dry Riesling, Sav Blanc (there it is!), Chablis, Semillon (incl blends), Pinot Grigio

Wine for the Christmas Pudding

Wine with Christmas pudding

Although many households have turned away from the Xmas pudding, we haven’t! In fact, we love it especially served with brandy butter.  Ideally your wine selection here will also work with alternative desserts or cheese servings.  We are now getting into fortified wine territory with dessert muscat and other even sticky varieties.

Wine: Muscat, Port, Sherry or any sticky/botrytis style wine

Wine With Christmas Lunch – Recap

If you have a couple of bottles of Rose and Pinot Noir, you are going to be pretty safe.  Top up with a little extra of a good chardonnay, some Champagne for the lead up Christmas breakfast (yes wine at breakfast of course, with strawberries) and some fortified and you will be covered and all guests happy.

Have a safe & merry Xmas all.