Otago Rail Trail vs Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Otago vs Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

It's the World Cup of the southern hemisphere cycling tours.  Two iconic cycling trails, oft referred to as 'Otago Rail Trail' and 'Murray to Mountains'.   Two amazing bucket list travel destinations...New Zealand and Australia.  Which will come out on top in the battle of these rail trails?

We have compiled a fairly exhaustive list of criteria we think is what you'd like on a cycling holiday, and compared each of the rail trails against each other.  We have then nominated a vote for the winner against each criteria to try and determine which rail trail comes out trumps.

Of course this is an entirely subjective judgement, and we'd certainly welcome any comments to the contrary from those that have done both.  At the end of the day, the cycling experience on these fantastic rail trails are different, and both have amazing highlights and very few downsides (if any), and are incredible assets for the regions they are in.

Whatever you choose, we know you will have a fantastic cycling experience either way.

Feature Otago Rail Trail Murray to Mountains Winner?
Trail SurfacePacked gravelSealedMurray to Mountains
LengthApprox 150kmsNow approx 150kmsOtago (just)
TownsSmall but cuteMany and variedMurray to Mountains
SceneryGrand/MountainsAlpine/RuralOtago (just)
WeatherCool, often windy, hotMild, hotMurray to Mountains
HighlightsSceneryAutumn coloursMurray to Mountains
AccommodationLimitedMany, variedMurray to Mountains
FoodBistro styleGourmet, Chef Hat rest's.Murray to Mountains
WineriesNearbyDirect access from TrailMurray to Mountains
ShoppingLimitedYes, variedMurray to Mountains
CrowdsBusy on trailBusy in townsBoth!
HistoryFarm stationsHistoric town Beechworth, Ned KellyMurray to Mountains
ResultsOtago 3 Murray to Mountains 10

Of course there is nothing better than actually being able to see - like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Check out these short image galleries, if nothing else for a bit of inspiration, but also to give you a feel for both rail trails.

Otago Rail Trail Images

Murray to Mountains Rail Trail Images