Tour de Vines Supports World Bicycle Relief

Helping others is one of our core values.

So we are very proud to announce our partnership with World Bicycle Relief.   It inspires us to be able to contribute to the amazing work being done by this incredible organisation and to learn what a difference the simple gift of a bike can make.

Just a few of these benefits include:

  • A 28% increase in school attendance
  • An increase of 45% in community healthcare visits
  • A 25% increase in farm deliveries


Bikes in these communities make a real difference.


How can you help?

Even a small contribution will support the provision of a bike and change lives. We would love you to join us in supporting this fantastic cause, that provides benefits on so many levels.

Please jump on our Fundraising page to support this amazing cause, and give the life changing gift of a bike.

World bicycle relief

Tour de Vines supports the amazing work of World Bicycle Relief