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Autumn Colours of Bright and the stunning show of light

autumn colours of Bright

The Autumn colours of Bright, and the surrounding region in north east Victoria, are a reminder of the beauty of nature.  The colours are astounding.  A co-ordinated sympathy of foliage colour lights up the Alpine valley and is a very visual cue that nature is still alive and well in this part of the world.

Bright is considered the centrepiece of the show.  A 3 1/2 hour driver north east of Melbourne and at the foot of the Victoria alps.  A popular tourist town in its’ own right, but it’s not all about busy Bright.  The colours that tell us autumn has arrived sweep up the Alpine Valley all the way to Wangaratta and up the big hill to Beechworth.

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At over 300 meters above sea level, Bright, and Beechworth which is even higher, are ideal for poplars, maples, silver birches, pin oaks, golden and claret ashes and liquid ambers.  All these varieties have their own colour change as autumn arrives.

Witnessing this display has become very popular, to such an extent that the Rotary Club of Bright produces a pamphlet, “Beautiful trees of Bright”  aimed at helping tourists and locals alike identifying the trees.

Autumn is perhaps the best time of the year. That’s when clear, gentle days are filled with the russets, golds, scarlets, crimsons and the purples of all those wonderful autumn leaves.

The ideal way to experience all the full autumn colours of Bright is by bike of course! Many of our Victorian cycling tours pass directly through the beautiful foliage colours along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, which travels from Beechworth, through Myrtleford all the way to Bright.

Have a sneak peak of the beauty of this autumn show in these images below, taken from all around the Alpine and King Valley regions, a joy for any visitor.

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