Best Cycling Trips in Australia

Australia is slowly but surely developing some wonderful places and trails ideal for cycling trips.

Whilst cycling on highways and busy roads isn’t our idea of a cycling trip, there are growing number of bike friendly options developing across Australia.

Here’s our pick of the best cycling trips in Australia.

Best Cycling Trips in Australia

1. Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

The paved Murray to Mountains rail trail combines all the elements to make for a wonderful cycling trip.  Positioned in the scenic north east Victoria Alpine Region, this rail trail weaves its way from town to town, passing vineyards, cheese making factories, berry farms and artisanal produce outlets and is achievable for even beginner cyclists and families.  Choose from a day tour from Beechworth downhill to Milawa, try and social group weekend trip with a local guide, or do an extended 6 night tour from Rutherglen to Bright.  Accommodation from camping to luxury is readily available, as well as bike hire and shuttle services.  Start and finish with mountain bike trails in Beechworth and Bright.  The Murray to Mountains Rail Trail makes for Australia’s best cycling based trip.

Murray to Mountains Rail Trail tour

Murray to Mountains Rail Trail in north east Victoria

2. Cycling Anywhere in South Australia

A cycling trip anywhere in South Australia will work.  A variety of cyclists are catered for, from mountain bike parks, rail trails, the peaks in the Adelaide Hills for road warriors or casual riverside riding in Adelaide.  Our particular favourite cycling trip combines the rail trails across the state, which are the Barossa Rail Trail, the Clare Valley Riesling Rail Trail, the McLaren Vale Shiraz Trail and the Amy Gillet trail in the Adelaide Hills.  As you can guess, there is plenty of food and wine on this itinerary.  Tour de Vines has a South Australian cycling tour that combines all these regions.

Best cycling Trips in Australlia

Exploring McLaren Vale on the Shiraz Trail

3. Tasmanian East Coast

Possibly one of Australia’s best and increasingly popular cycling trips.  Most riders start in Launceston and cruise down the east coast to Hobart via the stunning Freycinet Peninsula (Wineglass Bay). The coastal road itself whilst undulating isn’t technical or overly difficult, albeit with some traffic in the holiday months, so is within reach for most semi regular cyclists.  It would be remiss to ignore the beautiful North East Tasmania Rail Trail just out of Launceston, which is the ideal off road start to get the legs warmed up.

This cycling trip combines beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, incredible seafood (think oysters straight from the sea), world class vineyards and cute seaside towns that make for ideal overnight stops.  A diversion to the car-free Maria Island is ideal for cycling, and a true wildlife experience awaits.  Check out the popular Tour de Vines Launceston to Hobart cycling tour.

Tour De Vines Australia Tasmania Bike Tours

Cycling the scenic East Coast of Tasmania

4. Cycle the Mawson Trail

This is one of Australia’s great cycling trips, but also one of the most challenging.  The rewards are there, especially riding into the Flinders Ranges towards the end, but it requires effort and plenty of grit and planning.  Weather, water, trail conditions and places to stop are not always favourable.  But the sense of satisfaction is enormous, and covering the 800+kms self sufficient and seeing the Barossa, Adelaide and nearby Adelaide Hills through to the Flinders Ranges is memorable.

Mawson Trail Cycling Trip In South Australia

The challenging Mawson Trail is one of Australia’s best cycling trips


5. Ride the Goldfields Track, Victoria

The Goldfields Track runs from Ballarat to Bendigo, via Daylesford and Castlemaine and makes for a great mountain biking trip.   This off road, 180km+ track is ideal for moderate level riders and includes spectacular goldfields, forest and rural scenery.  Easily accessible from Melbourne, this is a cycling trip for those perhaps seeking an introduction to bike touring or seeking a long weekend of easy mountain biking in Australia.   Start your planning at the Goldfields Track website.

Goldfields Mountain Bike Trail Victoria Australia

The Goldfields Trail runs from Ballarat to Bendigo and is an ideal long weekend ride


6. Honourable Mention: The New Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail

The Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail is New south Wales’ first official rail trail.  A testament to the persistence of the lobby group Rail Trails for NSW and to how difficult it has been to get rail trails in NSW.  That aside, this is a wonderful new cycling trail that deserves exploring.   A sealed, off road rail trail stretching over 20kms.  We haven’t as yet ridden this trail but images and reports make this a must ride list addition.  We need to encourage more rail trails in NSW and so this trail gets a mention on this list.

Australia's best cycling trips

Riding the new Tumbarumba to Rosewood rail trail in NSW


This list is by no means exhaustive. Whatever your style of riding, Australia is developing a variety of infrastructure and trails to suit any style of cycling trip.

See the list of Australian cycling trips Tour de Vines offers and get out there and ride!