Cycling in Burgundy: A ‘Taste’ Sensation

When most people think of cycling in Burgundy, they think of rows and rows of vineyards and plentiful cellar doors with fine wines.  That is certainly true, but when actually cycling in Burgundy you will discover the region is possibly now more famous for it’s food than it ‘s wine.

Right now, the region of Burgundy in France boasts no less than 35 Michelin star rated restaurants (see list below) serving a wealth of unique regional delights, such as the famous Boeuf Bourguignon and Coq Au Vin, but also the less known Gougeres (savoury cheese puffs),  Jambon Persille (potted ham with parsley) and a variety of local cheeses.   And of course all the fresh produce of the local markets that France is famous for, and you can’t go past the local Dijon mustard and shortbreads.

For all this, wine making is still the mainstay of Burgundy. Dating back to the Middle ages, when Cistercian monks tended the vineyards and made wine for the church (a common theme in many wine regions). Wine making has evolved significantly in the region since then, with the region producing, in particular, world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Your cycling in Burgundy with Tour de Vines includes a number of exclusive wine and food tasting sessions.

What’s New in Burgundy


Chateaux Chamirey in Burgundy


When cycling in Burgundy, it’s not all about the food and wine – although who’s complaining!  The region has incredible scenery and is littered with Renaissance Chateaux, ancient abbeys and fortified villages tucked between forests, mountains and rivers, and a vibrant local culture.  One of our favourites is the majestic Place de la Liberation in Dijon.

However, if you are seeking the real food experience, as many do, here is our selection of Michelin Rated Restaurants in Burgundy well worth a visit:

Bon Appetit!

Check our Tour de Vines cycling tour in Burgundy for your chance to experience the incredible food, wine and scenery of this beautiful region of France.