The Top 10 of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

So, what is the top 10 of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail.  Our founder and experienced tour guide Damian Cerini gives his top 10:

The Scenery

The Alpine region is stunning and particularly in spring and autumn when the leaves are out and the sun is golden, it’s just magic.

Murray to Mountains Rail Trail 5

The People

Being in country Australia what would you expect!  There is certainly a ‘non city’ feel about the towns we ride through and the people we meet.

Wine makers on the Murray to Mountains rail trail

The Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

The rail trail itself is fantastic, very well laid out, paved and all off road so completely stress free, and it follows a terrific route.  The trail is well sign posted making it very easy for navigation.  Just follow the trail and you will get to where you want to go (or you can easily grab some maps).  Best of all, it’s mainly flat, so it’s easy to ride.

Murray to Mountains cycling

The Food

Tasting fresh Harriet trout on a lemon dill bread, with a local Pinot Gris on a sunny afternoon is something to be savored.  The north east Victoria region is winning awards and Chef Hats across the region.  But there are secrets spots too.  Many of our guests are completely blow away by the quality and variety of the food.

Gourmet treats cycling the Murray to Mountains rail trail

Easy To Get There

With plenty to do over 2 days/nights and lots of time to be back Sunday evening ready for the week ahead.  Whilst a 7 hour drive from Sydney, it’s still worth it.  It’s the ideal distance for that short break to escape, unwind, refresh, breathe in the alpine air and feel alive again!  There is also an airport not far away in Albury or relax and take the Vline train to Wangaratta (there are connecting bus services down to Bright).  Easy!

Driving to Murray to Mountains Rail trail is easy

The Wineries

Gapsted Winery, Ringer Reef Winery and/or Boynton’s Winery on a sunny afternoon are very, very hard to beat.  Superb views, fantastic wines, gorgeous setting and great service. And these are just 3 of many vineyards and cellar doors in the region.

Lovely platters on the Murray to Mountains Rail trail winery

The Autumn Colours in the Alpine Valley

See our blog post on this beautiful show that happens from late April every year in the Alpine Valley.  Riding into Bright on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and seeing the amazing colours with the Snowy River along your side, with a brief stop at the Rail Trail cafe for a late afternoon organic cake and coffee.  Gold.

Autumn colours on the murray to mountains rail trail

Breakfast in Beechworth

There are now 8 cafes at last count and growing in the small town of Beechworth.  And they all do great coffee.  Breakfast in Beechworth is an exercise in self control of caffeine intake and strong will to walk pass some of the amazing treats on offer.

Breakfast in Beechworth before riding the Murray to Mountains rail trail

The Ending!

I know that sounds odd but finishing the ride along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail brings a real sense of satisfaction, and the feeling that you have used wisely every bit of your weekend.  Look at those smiles!

Group finishing Murray to Mountains rail trail in Bright

So there’s our Top 10 of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail.
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